Portrait Project : Week 3

Inspired by the Happy Family Movement, I'm making a portrait of each child every week.

This is week three. 

 Even more baby love

I know baby Sandy steals the show in this one.  And, I love it of Atticus because it shows his adoration of babies. (This one in particular.)

279 : 365 Caroline Arrives

Two weeks ago she was pouring over an American Girl catalog that arrived in our mailbox.  Now, her savings account is empty and is in love with her doll.

278 : 365 Hey!

This week I got her picture on Monday.

283 : 365 So Tiny! So Cute!

Augusta saw this picture before she went to bed. She said, "That's me! I was so tiny! So cute!" I said, "Yes. It was yesterday. You were so tiny and cute then." 

(She still is.)

She talks about many things being "so cuuuute!"

"These rocks are so cuuuute!"

"My oatmeal is so cuuuute!"

"Mama! My poop is so cuuuute!"